a Necessity,
not a Luxury

A life full of taste can be just that simple

ZUS Coffee was founded to encourage drinking coffee as a way of life. Specialty coffee is seen as a treat that’s inherently expensive. We want to subvert that expectation by making it accessible to all.

Like freshly ground coffee, life is an accumulation of bits and pieces. What makes it so special is what you choose to create from it. Whether it’s in coffee or in the everyday, making the most of it is what ZUS Coffee is all about.

⚡️Take a sip and experience taste the ZUSsie way.

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100% Arabica Specialty Coffee Beans

Premium Coffee

Our team of professional baristas oversee the production of every single cup of ZUS Coffee to ensure that only the freshest & best are delivered to you. 

We made a deal with Silvia Barretto, the owner of an award-winning coffee estate in Brazil, to bring in their unique coffee beans and roast them locally to take full control of the quality and price point of our coffee.

Pay Only For What You Drink

Rich In Taste, Light On Wallet

When you pay for your drink, you deserve to get the most out of what you pay for.

ZUS Coffee uses modern technology to our advantage in creating a quality coffee experience that's affordable — yet simply superior.

Skip The Queue & Save Time

Extremely Convenient

Gone are the days of long queues for that cuppa Iced Latte. Just have them delivered to you in 3 simple steps: choose, order, and wait for it to arrive!

Quick, hassle-free, and contactless delivery by our delivery partners from Grab, Lalamove, and Mr Speedy. 

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What's Everyone Else Ordering

More than 50,000 Cups Sold

ZUS Gula Melaka

Handcrafted by our Head Barista, this addictive re-innovation of a Malaysian favourite infused with only the greenest of pandan to bring out the sweet richness that Gula Melaka is known for.

We slow-cooked our Signature Gula Melaka Syrup to ensure that the essence of the Pandan seeps into the Syrup and delivers a very Malaysian palate to our customers.

More than 30,000 Cups Sold

Japanese Genmai Matcha Latte

Our team embarked to Japan and was mind-blown by the types of matcha that were available there. From the Land of the Rising Sun, we brought a flavour that was both exquisite and unique to all the other matchas we have tasted.

Taste authentic Japanese Matcha like you have never before!

"It's like Thunder in your mouth"


Thunder was a special concoction when our Head Barista decided that he wanted to create a refreshing coffee for hot days. Being a fan of the Classic American Lemonade, he asked himself, “Why can’t I add Coffee into this?”

Blending Organic Taiwanese Honey & Lemon Juice, he brought to life the Signature Honey Lemon Syrup that induced a sweet & sour “kick” when combined with Coffee & Sparkling Water.

Challenging The Essentials

Stay Ahead With New Age Coffee

A Brew That Beats The Blue

Perfect For New Age Audience

At ZUS Coffee, we want to deliver coffee to our coffee lovers in a flash conveniently, without burning a hole in your pocket.

From students to working professionals, we fuel you with daily dose of caffeine that enables you to jumpstart your mornings and power through the day!

1000 Attempts for Perfections

Relentless Pursuit For Highest Quality

Our passion for great coffee is the reason we strive to make the perfect selection from champion coffee plantations, world’s fifty best coffee roasters, well-trained baristas, spill proof coffee lids, the Classic Blue coffee cups, to the production of every ounce of ZUS Coffee. 

Collect Multiple Rewards

Be part of our ZUS Coffee Club

The more cuppas you get, the more rewards you enjoy! FREE complimentary drinks from ZUS Coffee for every 10 cups purchased. Rewards will increase based on how much love you shower on us!

Tuesdays are always special because it's ZUS Day = Buy 3 FREE 1!

Always Ready To Serve You

‘ZUS’ The Way You Like

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